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wick sample kits

Perfect for candle makers looking to choose the optimal wick for any candle. This item ships free domestically. Check out our Wick Selection Guide to find the right wick.
Due to a high volume of orders after our recent wick product launches, please temporarily allow 5-10 business days for wick orders to ship.

Wick Sample Kits:

all-inclusive wick sample kit
classic wick sample kit
specialty wick sample kit
all inclusive performance cotton wick sample kit

Red Wicks: Pantone 200C / HEX# C10230
Green Wicks: Pantone 5743C / HEX# SF4727
Yellow Wicks: Pantone 141C / HEX# F4C55C
Blue Wicks: Pantone 653C / HEX# 316094
White Wicks: CMYK (C: 1, M: 1, Y: 1, K: 0) / HEX# FBF9F9
Black Wicks: Pantone Black 3C / HEX# 000000

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