functional fragrances
& essential oil benefits.

functional fragrances.

Fragrance+ means that the fragrance you’re lookin’ at was specifically formulated with a function (or multiple) to take it from amazing to out. of. this. world.

emoti+: *Inhale.* *Exhale.* makesy’s emoti+ fragrances have natural fragrance technology. known to enhance your mood, energy, and overall sense of well-being.

clear+: Say buh-bye to the bad stuff. Fragrance oils with clear+ have been formulated with technology to neutralize odor. Good smells (& good vibes) only.

sani+: Anti-bacterial and anti-viral, when you see sani+, you’ll know that it’s more than just a fragrance… it’s a superstar germ-fighter, too!

boost+:Formulated for a stronger scent throw, boost+ fragrances add that extra *oomph* to carry your fragrance a lil further & make it smell a lil stronger.

linger+: Makesy fragrances that have linger+ technology allow your fragrance oil to have a scent that lasts longer than a standard fragrance (& we mean days longer).

repel+: Fragrance that doens’t attract insects, but instead repels them? Sign us up! Keep a look out for our fragrance oils with repel+ technology to keep the bugs at bay!

mood+: Combined fragrance and essential oil blends designed to enhance your feelings of wellness

sleep+: Catch more zzzs with sleep+ fragrances formulated to enhance rest and relaxation.

essential oils.

Basil: Stimulating, clarifying, energizing, uplifts the mind, antibacterial, relieves stress

Black Currant: Antimicrobial/antiseptic, eases joint pain, combats acne, hydrates skin, balances mood

Bergamot: Relieves anxiety/stress, combats acne, promotes youthful skin, refreshing

Bois de Rose (Rosewood): Antibacterial/antiseptic, promotes a positive mood, relieves anxiety/stress/skin irritations

Cacao Blanc: Antioxidant, improves cognitive function, relaxing, blissful, promotes a positive mood & healthy skin

Camphor: Antioxidant/antiseptic, clarifying, relaxing, soothing, balances mood, relieves skin irritations

Cedar: Calming/grounding, relieves tensions, clears the mind, enhances concentration

Chamomile: Antibacterial/antiseptic, stress reducer, calming

Cinnamon: Relaxing, stress relieving, uplifting

Clove Leaf: Promotes mental energy, uplifting

Cornmint (like Peppermint): Antibacterial/antiseptic, astringent, invigorating, energizing, stimulating, boosts energy

Eucalyptus: Antibacterial/antiseptic, antimicrobial, relaxing/calming, purifying, clears the mind, stimulating, refreshing, promotes vitality

Frankincense (olibanum): Antiseptic, relieves anxiety/stress, relaxing, promotes a positive mood & better sleep

Fir Needle: Anxiety relief, promotes better sleep

Geranium: Antioxidant/antibacterial, combats acne/skin ailments, relaxing, calming

Ginger: Stimulating, warming, increases concentration, relieves anxiety/stress, soothing, mood-balancing

Grapefruit: Relieves anxiety, calming, antibacterial/antimicrobial, balances mood /stress relief, calming

Gurjum Balsam: Calming, restores balance, relieves anxiety

Guiac Wood: Antioxidant/antiseptic, relieves anxiety/stress, balancing, calming

Jasmine: Energizing, promotes positive feelings & overall well-being, anti-depressant, uplifting, calming

Lavender: Antioxidant/antiseptic, uplifting, stimulating, calming, relieves stress, tranquilizing, promotes better sleep

Lemon: Antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves anxiety, soothing, promotes a positive mood, invigorating

Lemongrass: Antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves tension, calming, soothing

Lime: Antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves anxiety, soothing, promotes positive moods, tones skin

Litsea Cubeba: Antibacterial, mood-boosting, relaxing, relieves anxiety

Orange: Antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves anxiety/stress, soothing, promotes positive moods

Olibanum: See Frankincense

Palmarosa (like rose): Antibacterial, calming, relaxing, comforting

Patchouli: Relieves anxiety/stress, uplifting, relaxing

Pimento: Relieves anxiety/stress/pain

Peppermint: Antibacterial/antiseptic, invigorating, energizing, stimulating, astringent, boosts energy

Rose: Relieves anxiety/stress, relaxing, comforting

Rosemary: Antibacterial/antiseptic, stimulating, soothing, relieves anxiety/stress, balances mood, enhances concentration & focus

Spearmint: Antibacterial/antiseptic, uplifting, energizing, enhances concentration, relieves skin irritations

Tea Tree: Antibacterial/antiseptic, calming, relaxing, relieves many skin irritations

Thyme: Antibacterial/antiseptic, stimulating, purifying, relieves stress/fatigue, skin-clarifying, promotes a sense of well-being

Ylang: Antibacterial, balances anxiety