makesy gives back.

The core of what we do is deeply rooted in our dedication to consciously sourcing each product. This goes beyond mere process; it's a heartfelt passion and unwavering commitment to the vital communities and nature with whom we are intricately connected. This reflects our steadfast commitment to mindful making. When you shop with us, you’re making a difference & leaving a positive impact on the world!

trees for the future.

We are proud to partner with Trees for the Future, a game changing organization in sustainable agriculture. Together, we plant a tree for every $100 spent on wooden wicks. There’s no planet B, so by shopping with makesy, your supporting our efforts to nurture our beautiful earth.

The proof is in the planting.

  • For every $100 spent on wooden wicks, we plant a tree!
  • Together we have planted over 330,000 trees
  • For every tree we use in production of our wicks, we are planting an average of 1,875 more back

eco-soap bank.

Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian & environmental non-profit that employs women to recycle leftover soap from manufacturers and supply it to those who need it most in the developing world. 

As an Eco-Soap Bank partner, we… 

  • Educate our makers on how to donate soap scraps
  • Bring awareness to the Eco-Soap Bank mission
  • Donate the equivalent of 10 bars of soap for every $100 spent on soap supplies

If you’re a soap maker & looking to do your part, join the #ScrapPack community today!

partnerships with ingredient cultivators.

wild harvested kakadu extract 

Our kakadu extract is sustainably & fair-trade harvest sourced all the way from Australia! We partner with the Palngun Wurnangat Association, which represents the native Wadeye women of the Thammamur region..  

aloe vera gel concentrate (40x)

Our aloe vera concentrate is ethically sourced from South American farming communities & our suppliers are certified by both the FairTSA Fair Trade and USA Fair Trade organizations. 

upcycled fragrance oils

Upcycling is the practice of repurposing ingredients that otherwise would be discarded into something of grather value. Our four upcycled fragrance oils do just that!

rainforest plum oil

silicone gel alternative
Rainforest plums (Ximenia) are found in the forests of South America & Africa. We source our oil from the forests in South Africa & in an effort to pay it forward, a portion of our proceeds go towards forest preservation in Borneo, Brazil, and Zimbabwe. 

organic alcohol base

This all-natural, 100% organic witch hazel is wild harvested & found growing abundantly in the North Eastern United States. Utilizing a no waste system, all parts of the witch hazel plant are fully used during production, with leftover plant materials recycled into a natural, biodegradable mulch.

organic witch hazel base

This versatile base is 100% natural, sustainable and an organic solution for creating all-natural sprays & sanitizers. With a composition of 75% alcohol & 25% wildcrafted witch hazel, this blend offers unparalleled efficacy while remaining gentle on the skin.

community initiatives.