x wood wicks®

x wood wicks®

X wooden wicks are eco-friendly, clean-burning candle wicks that create a playful cylindrical flame when burned. Two pieces with careful cuts fit uniquely together to form the finished X wick, some assembly is required. Made from FSC Certified Wood in the US.  

Be sure to conduct a burn test when altering any aspect of your candle to ensure optimal wick performance. Use our Wick Selection Guide to find the right wick for your candle-making project; compatible with all wax types including soy wax, natural wax blends, paraffin wax, beeswax, and more.

Optimal Wax Type

Best for Paraffin Wax

Flame Shape


Color of Wood

Dark Natural

Crackling Level
1 2 3 4 5

Please visit color, word and custom sized wicks to purchase colored x wicks.

Red Wicks: Pantone 200C / HEX# C10230

Green Wicks: Pantone 5743C / HEX# SF4727

Yellow Wicks: Pantone 141C / HEX# F4C55C

Blue Wicks: Pantone 653C / HEX# 316094

White Wicks: CMYK (C: 1, M: 1, Y: 1, K: 0) / HEX# FBF9F9

Black Wicks: Pantone Black 3C / HEX# 000000

fragrance notes.