vybar 260
vybar 260

vybar 260


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Create brighter and bolder smelling candles with Vybar 260. This wax additive enhances fragrance and color quality, increases hardness and surface gloss, and also helps reduce air bubbles and mottling. Incorporate Vybar 260 your next candle making project! 

Sold in an 8 oz size.

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Vybar 260 is a wax additive used for softer, lower melt point waxes such as container candle waxes.


Suggested usage: 1/4 to 1 teaspoon per pound of wax. It is important to perform testing with each candle wax blend- this usage suggestion is only meant as general guidance.

Melt Point: 120 -140 F (49- 60 C)

Safety Data Sheet