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unique natural candle waxes sample pack

Discover your favorite wax blend with a sampling of each of our exclusive unique natural wax blends. Each blend is formulated for superior performance and excellent hot and cold fragrance throw.











Embark on a journey of wax discovery with our Unique Natural Candle Waxes Discovery Kit, a meticulously curated selection of our exclusive wax blends designed to ignite your creativity and inspire your candle making endeavors. Each blend in our Discovery Kit is formulated for superior performance and exceptional hot and cold fragrance throw, allowing you to explore a diverse range of wax options and discover your signature blend. Whether you're drawn to the creamy richness of soy, the unique properties of specialty waxes, or the versatility of coconut blends, our Discovery Kit provides the perfect opportunity to experiment and find the perfect match for your candle creations. Ideal for candle making enthusiasts in search of premium-quality bulk candle wax, our Unique Natural Candle Waxes Discovery Kit is your ultimate resource for unlocking endless possibilities and creating candles that captivate the senses. Ideal for candle making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale candle supplies, candle making supplies, and bulk candle wax for DIY candle making needs.

Kit includes an 11 oz sample of each of these unique natural waxes: 

Reference each wax for more product details.


All blends are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and come from renewable sources. makesy wax blends are formulated for excellent cold and hot fragrance throw and superb performance. 


Wax discovery kits ship free within the U.S.

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