super silicone pillar mold - dewdrop - Makesy
super silicone pillar mold - dewdrop - Makesy

dewdrop super silicone® pillar candle mold

This trendy dewdrop-style silicone pillar candle mold is perfect for creating stunning and unique pillar candles. Made from high-quality, flexible super silicone (TM) material, this mold allows for an easy release of your candles without damaging your finished product!

finished pillar size: 3.1" (h) x 2" (w) at base / 7.9 cm (h) x 5 cm (w) at base
capacity fill: 5.2 oz / 154 ml

View our pillar candle wick sizing chart for wick recommendations!

Mold Dimensions: 
Height: 3.5 in (w) x 2.5 in (h) / 8.9 cm (w) x 6.35 cm (h)
Opening: 2" 
Base diameter: 3"
Base thickness: 0.375"
Thickness of the mold: 0.26"
Circumference: 9.75"
Capacity Fill: 5.2 oz / 154 ml
Material: Silicone
Dishwasher Safe
Can withstand temperatures up to 400° F / 204° C
Easy to use and unmold

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