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stearic acid

Solid wax for emulsifying and oil thickening, provides soft, pearly texture in skincare products like masks, scrubs, creams, and serums, ensuring skin hydration and protection.

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A solid wax for emulsifying (requires a co-emulsifier) and oil thickening agent. Provides a soft, pearly and cooling feel on the skin. Suggested Products: Can be used in a variety of products such as face & body masks, body scrubs, body creams, lotions, moisturizers, serums, hair masks, hair creams, hair styling, stick deodorant, moisturizing stick, body balm, shampoo/conditioner bars, and lotion bar. Ideal for making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale DIY supplies, bath & body supplies, and bulk skin care ingredients for all DIY skin care making needs. Expand your candle making into bath & body DIY making.

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