soft touch candle box - cream
soft touch candle box - cream

soft touch candle box - cream

This cream candle packaging box features a stylish, luxe soft-touch texture with a durable box insert. This candle box comes in two sizes and fits most of our candle jar collections. Product packaging supplies available in bulk quantities.

1 - 4 case pack of 12 = $24.30 case / $2.02 ea

5 - 9 case pack of 12 = $22.95 case / $1.91 ea

10 - 49 case pack of 12 = $21.60 case / $1.80 ea

50+ case pack of 12 = $20.25 case / $1.69 ea


Immerse yourself in the world of luxury candle packaging with our Soft Touch Candle Box. Crafted from premium materials, these cream and black candle packaging boxes feature a stylish soft-touch texture that enhances the presentation of your handmade candles. With a durable box insert to protect your products, these boxes ensure that your candles arrive in perfect condition every time. The vessel box features a stylish, luxe soft-touch texture and is fitted with a durable insert to protect your precious candle creations. Available in two sizes to fit most candle jar collections, these boxes offer versatility and convenience. Ideal for candle makers prioritizing product integrity and presentation, these candle boxes are perfect for those in search of wholesale candle supplies and bulk packaging for DIY candle making needs. 


Large box:

Suitable for the 12 oz aura candle vessels and 11 oz allure candle vessels

Size: 4in (l) x 4in (w) x 4.75in (h)  / 10.16cm (l) x 10.16cm (w) x 12cm h)


Label recommendations: 

Horizontal rectangle: 3in (l) x 2.5in (w) / 7.62cm (l) x 6.35cm (w)

Circle: 3in x3 in


Medium box:

Suitable for the 8 oz aura candle vessels

Size: 3.5in (l) x 3.5in (w) x 3.75in (h) / 8.89cm (l) x 8.89cm (w)  x 9.52cm (h)


Label recommendations: 

Horizontal rectangle: 2.5in (l) x 2in (w) / 6.35cm (l) x 5cm (w)

Circle: 2in x 2in


Specially designed for makesy, these candle boxes are sure to add a unique touch of sophistication to your candle packaging. Our candle boxes fit a variety of vessel sizes and are perfect for customizing with your own label, bow, or ribbon. Flat-foldable for easy storage and 100% recyclable.

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