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sexy vetivert fragrance oil accord

A distinctively earthy and exotic accord that adds sensuality to your perfumes. Sexy Vetivert is recommended as a base accord in perfumery, however, you can use it on its own or as any portion of creating your own perfume. When making a perfume you can combine top, heart, and base accords to create your own custom fragrance. For a beginner's guide to making perfume, you can purchase our Ultimate Perfume Making Kit.

Fragrance wheel

1 oz / 28.45 g = $10.95 ea / $0.00 per oz

16 oz / 453 g = $99.95 ea / $0.00 per oz

8.34 lbs / 3.79 kg - Contact Customer Service to Order = $791.90 ea / $0.00 per oz







Suggested usage levels:

See IFRA for maximum skin safety levels. Always check the IFRA to ensure a fragrance is skin safe at the level you plan to use it.

Candles: 8-12% 
Diffusers: 40% 
Soaps: 3-6% 
Room Sprays: 10% 
Hand Sanitizer + Cleaners: 3% 
Body Oils + Lotions: 1-3% 
Perfume: 30%
Body Sprays: 10%

Flashpoint: 93°C / 200°F 

Vanillin Content: 0% 

Essential Oils: Cedarwood Oil from China, Vetiver Oil from Paraguay, Petitgrain Oil from Paraguay, Clove Bud Oil from Indonesia, Lemon Oil from USA, Guaiacwood OIl from Paraguay, Orange Oil from USA & Brazil, Nutmeg Oil from Indonesia, Lime Oil from Mexico, Elemi Oil from France, Fir Needle Oil from Canada, Galbanum Oil from France, Bois de Rose Oil from France, and Jasmine Absolute Oil from India

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