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rolled oats

Popular natural cleanser with exfoliating properties. This skin care ingredient adds suds, suitable for all skin types.

8 oz / 226.8 g = $4.95 ea / $0.00 per oz $2.65 ea / $0.00 per oz

1 lb / 453g = $7.95 ea / $0.00 per oz $4.30 ea / $0.00 per oz

5 lb / 2.27 kg = $31.80 ea / $0.00 per oz $17.20 ea / $0.00 per oz


They see me rollin', they makin'. Rolled oats are a super popular natural cleanser with amazing exfoliating properties for your skin. These are a super sudsy additive all soap makers love to work with. Add to your soap formula and experience the foamy goodness. Can be used on all skin types. Ideal for making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale DIY supplies, bath & body supplies, and bulk skincare ingredients for all DIY skincare making needs. Expand your candle making into bath & body DIY making.

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