recycled plastic 6 cavity heart clamshell - Makesy

recycled plastic 6 cavity heart clamshell - set of 100



Recycled plastic 6 cavity heart clamshell with a 1.63 oz fill. Create fun heart-shaped projects with your favorite ingredients that have a pour temperature under 180° F. This clamshell is made with up to 15% post-consumer recycled plastic and contains tight sealing action to keep ingredients fresh. 100% recyclable after use.

Sold in 100 Packs

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Dimensions (in inches): 2.98"W x 4.32"L x 1.036"H
Mold Weight: 0.31 oz
Total Capacity of Cavities (oz): 1.63 oz
Cavity Capacity: 8mm / 0.271 oz
Mold Cavity Dimensions (in inches): 0.952"W x 0.882"L x 0.563"H
Material: Plastic made from a minimum 10% recycled plastic