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ph test strips

Safely test handmade soap pH levels with 100 strips in recycled PET packaging. Litmus paper changes color indicating acidity, aided by color-coded scale for precise readings.

Ensure the quality of your handmade soaps with our pH Testing Strips, featuring 100 strips in recycled PET packaging. Designed to safely test soap pH levels, these litmus paper strips change color to indicate acidity, providing you with precise readings for your formulations. With a color-coded scale for easy interpretation, these strips are a valuable tool for soap makers seeking to achieve the perfect balance in their creations. Ideal for soap makers and perfect for those in search of wholesale soap making supplies, pH testing strips, and bulk soap testing resources for DIY soap making needs.

The pH test strips come packaged in a white PET bottle with 100 strips.

Usage: Dip the pH test strip halfway into the product for 2 seconds, then shake off any excess. Wait 15 seconds and compare results to the pH color chart shown below.


very acidic: 0-4 acidic: 5-6 neutral: 7 alkaline: 8-9 very alkaline: 10-14

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