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ultimate perfume making kit

A beautifully designed DIY perfume blending kit that will bring you hours of joy and inspiration. Blend your own fragrances for your bespoke perfume or you can make your own fragrance for your special projects. A fragrance lover's dream in a box with all the tools necessary to create your magical and personalized fragrances. It's a perfumer's lab perfectly designed in a beautiful box.

Unleash your inner perfumer with our Ultimate Perfume Making Kit! This beautifully designed kit provides you with all the tools and ingredients you need to create your own signature fragrances. Whether you're a fragrance enthusiast or a beginner, this kit offers hours of joy and inspiration as you blend and experiment with different scents. With a variety of fragrance oil accords and blending tools included, you can create perfumes for yourself or customize fragrances for special projects. It's a perfumer's dream come true in a box, perfect for anyone passionate about scent and beauty. A kit includes all the goodies you need to make a finished product. From candle making kits, soap making kits, perfume making kits and more, it’s a way to get a feel for the making process on a smaller scale or just have some fun creating! Our makesy formulators have curated kits for so many different moods, vibes, occasions! Whether you want to get creative & make one yourself, or you’re looking for a fabulous gift - you really can't go wrong with a makesy DIY kit!

Fragrance wheel & accords


Ultimate Perfume Making Kit Includes: 

12- 1oz top accords 

12- 1oz heart accords 

12- 1oz base accords 

1 - 1oz perfumers alcohol 

1 - 1oz coconut oil - fractionated mct 

10 - 0.5oz naked translucent bottle & cap 

4 - 0.33oz cylinder rollerball bottle set - silver 

4 - 0.33oz cylinder spray bottle set - silver 

1 - 1.7oz borosilicate glass beaker 

1- pro digital scale 

100 - clear pipettes 

60 - fragrance blotter strips 

1 - translucent blotter strip holder 

1 - perfumery notebook & pen 

2 - plastic funnels 

1 - glass stir stick 

20 - round labels 

10 - recipe cards

1 - one-on-one consultation with our perfume expert

1 - digital blend book

fragrance notes.