mandarin petals & red amber™ fragrance oil

mandarin petals & red amber™ fragrance oil



The spring sweetness of sugared clementine and meyer lemon engage your senses immediately as gardenia, muguet and night blooming jasmine begin to unfold. You're left completely captivated by the dry down of red amber and sweet musk. This fragrance oil is perfect for candles, room sprays, soaps, and hand & body lotion.

Top: Sugared Clementine, Bergamot, Meyer Lemon
Heart: Gardenia Petals, Muguet, Night Blooming Jasmine
Base: Raspberry Seeds, Sweet Musk, Red Amber

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Suggested usage levels:
See IFRA for maximum skin safety levels. Always check the IFRA to ensure a fragrance is skin safe at the level you plan to use it.

Candles: 8-12%
Diffusers: 40%
Soaps: 3-6%
Room Sprays: 10%
Hand Sanitizers & Cleaners: 3%
Body Oils & Lotions: 1-3%
Perfume: 30%
Body Spray: 10%

Vanillin Content: 0%

Essential Oils: Bergamot oil from Italy, Lemon oil from USA, Orange peel oil from Brazil.

Safety Data Sheet
IFRA Sheet
Allergen Sheet