lip gloss starter kit - Makesy
lip gloss starter kit - Makesy

starter lip gloss making kit

Inside of the lip gloss starter kit you will find the materials, equipment and the education to discover how to make your own, custom, luxury lip gloss from makesy’s premade base and lip gloss ingredients!

Dive into the glamorous world of lip gloss making with our Starter Lip Gloss Making Kit! This comprehensive kit provides you with everything you need to create your custom luxury lip glosses from scratch. Experiment with different colors, scents, and textures to craft lip glosses that reflect your unique style and personality. Our premium-quality ingredients ensure that your lip glosses are not only beautiful but also nourishing for your lips. With easy-to-follow instructions and tips included in the digital guidebook, even beginners can create professional-quality lip glosses with ease. A kit includes all the goodies you need to make a finished product. From candle making kits, soap making kits, perfume making kits, and more, it’s a way to get a feel for the making process on a smaller scale or just have some fun creating! Our makesy formulators have curated kits for so many different moods, vibes, occasions! Whether you want to get creative & make one yourself, or you’re looking for a fabulous gift - you really can't go wrong with a makesy DIY kit!

Each Kit Includes: 

8x 8ml white lip gloss tube & applicator (color of applicator may vary)

2x 2 oz lip gloss base

1x 10 ml posh plum lip pigment

1x 10 ml electric pink lip pigment

1x 10 ml racy ruby lip pigment

1x 10 ml blissfully bare lip pigment

1x 0.2oz stardust mica

1x 10 ml natural coconut cream flavor (our most popular flavor)

1x 1.7 oz borosilicate glass beaker

8x  disposable spatulas

4x 10 ml filling syringe

8x 1" round label sticker

Digital Beauty Batch book


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