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jamaican pimento essential oil

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Distilled from exotic Jamaican berries, Pimento Essential Oil helps relieve anxiety, stress, and pain.

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See IFRA for maximum skin safety levels. Always check the IFRA to ensure an Essential Oil is skin safe at the level you plan to use it.


Cas#: 8006-77-7

Flashpoint: > 93°C / 200°F

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Blended in the USA

Extraction Method: Steamed distillation

INCI Name: Pimenta Officinalis (Pimento) Fruit Extract

Parts Used: Berries

Appearance (Color): Very Pale Yellow

PAO:12 months

Essential oils are suitable for candle making, however some oils may have an altered scent while burning. Always be sure to perform a burn test to properly evaluate your candle's hot throw. Changes to an essential oil's scent typically occur when that oil has been heated beyond its flashpoint.

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IFRA Data Sheet