fragrance blotter strips - pack of 20 - Makesy
fragrance blotter strips - pack of 20 - Makesy

fragrance blotter strips - pack of 20



Sold in a pack of 20. 

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Sold in a pack of 20
Dimensions: 6” x .25”

White, rounded design 


Fragrance/Accord Selection Steps: 

1. Label the paper blotter strip with the name of the fragrance or accord. 

2. Gently dip each corresponding blotter strip in the bottle approximately ¼” down on the strip. 

3. Bend the strip so the dipped end is facing upright. Lay the dipped blotter strips out on a flat, dry surface and wait 30-60 seconds to allow your oil to settle before evaluating. 

4. Begin evaluating each oil. You can smell the inside of your forearm between each new scent to cleanse your olfactory palette. 

5. As each oil settles, you will be able to smell the top notes right away and then will begin to experience more and more of the mid and base notes as time passes. 

6. Take notes on what you liked or disliked about each oil and what each fragrance/accord made you feel or think of. 

7. Combine oils to create your own unique scent if desired.