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eco plastic bath bomb mold - set of 100

This eco-plastic, 100% recyclable bath bomb mold is a must-have for Makers of body care products. Add it to your tool kit as you make luscious, fun, colorful bath bombs. Holds 7.5oz. Set of 100.

100 Pack = $67.50 ea

Go green with our Eco Plastic Bath Bomb Mold Set! Made from 100% recyclable materials, these molds offer a sustainable solution for crafting luxurious bath bombs. With a capacity of 7.5 oz each and a set of 100, they're perfect for large-scale production or personal use. Join the eco-friendly revolution and make a positive impact on the planet with our eco-friendly bath bomb molds! Ideal for candle making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale candle supplies, candle making supplies, soap making supplies, and bulk soap making supplies for DIY candle making and soap making needs.

Sold in sets of 100.

Bath bomb mold, recyclable plastic clamshell.

Material: Plastic

7.0 cm diameter

Capacity: 7.5 oz

Fill Recommendation: 6.59 oz

fragrance notes.