eco matte natural dust cover wood wick - set of 12 - Makesy

eco matte natural candle dust covers - wood wick

Recyclable, compostable wooden candle wick dust covers, fitted for our Aura Collection candle jars are the perfect addition to your candle packaging supplies.

1 - 19 = $4.95 ea

20 - 99 = $4.70 ea

100 - 499 = $4.46 ea

500 - 999 = $3.96 ea

1000 + = $3.47 ea

Enhance the eco-conscious appeal of your candle packaging with our Eco Matte Natural Candle Dust Covers featuring wood wicks. Crafted from recyclable and compostable materials, these dust covers not only add a touch of sustainability to your packaging but also ensure the utmost protection for your candles. Specifically tailored for our Aura Collection candle jars, these covers fit snugly, preventing any dust or debris from settling on your candles. Their wood wick compatibility adds a rustic charm to your packaging, appealing to eco-conscious consumers. Ideal for candle makers looking to align with green practices, these dust covers are a must-have addition to your packaging arsenal. Plus, with the option for bulk purchase, you can streamline your supply chain and reduce costs while maintaining quality. Perfect for those in search of wholesale candle supplies, candle making supplies, and bulk packaging for DIY and candle making needs. 3.375" diameter with a convenient pull tab for easy customer removal. For safety, remove before burning and only place on completely cooled wax.
Sold in packs of 12. A fantastic addition to your candle making supplies.

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