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crinkle edge soap cutter

Essential for soap making, the crinkle edge cutter features a stainless steel blade with a wavy edge for precise cuts. Create trendy, wavy soaps with ease using this must-have tool.

Essential for soap making, the Crinkle Edge Cutter is a must-have tool for creating trendy, wavy soaps with ease. Featuring a stainless steel blade with a wavy edge, this cutter ensures precise cuts for professional-looking results. Whether you're a seasoned soap maker or just starting out, this versatile tool is perfect for adding decorative flair to your handmade creations. Elevate your soap making process with the Crinkle Edge Cutter and impress your customers with beautifully crafted soaps. Ideal for soap making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale soap making supplies, soap cutting tools, and bulk soap making resources for DIY candle making and soap making needs.

Material: wood and stainless steel

Dimensions (in inches): 7.25"L x 0.59 "W x 4.75 "H

Usage Instructions: To use, simply hold the wooden handle and apply pressure in a downward motion against your soap loaf.

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