crimson eco dye- skin safe crimson eco dye- skin safe
crimson eco dye- skin safe

crimson eco dye- skin safe

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Crimson eco-dye can be used to achieve a pinkish hue in your skin and beauty products. Skin safe eco dyes are water-soluble and can be used in water-based products such as body sprays, shampoo, soaps and more. Mix your own custom colors by blending two or more shades to make any color in the rainbow. To keep your coloring consistent, we recommend taking notes while you’re making as using different bases, additives, and fragrances may slightly alter your colors.

Not for use in candle waxes.

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Our new Skin Safe Eco Dyes are formulated to be safe for you and our environment.

The Eco Dyes are:

Free of Prop 65 Ingredients
Made with a renewable solvent system
Paraben and phthalate free
Made without animal cruelty
REACH registered

Color: Crimson


INCI: CI 17200, CI 14700, Glycerin

Flashpoint: 94°C /200°F

Storage: Store at 25°C/77°F or below. Stored away from heat. Store in a well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight and/or extremely high or low temperatures

The dyes are extremely soluble and you can create unlimited variations of colors by adding varying amounts of the dyes and mixing them with one another for a custom color!

The recommended temperature for adding our Eco Dyes is below 90°C/194°F cooler. Exposing the dyes to higher temperatures for prolonged periods may cause fading or color alteration. Color can vary based on your base, fragrance, and any other additives, so be sure to test and take notes to achieve your desired vibrancy.

For the darkest and most vibrant colors, we suggest using a 0.03% concentration. For lighter shades, we suggest a 0.01% concentration. 

All dyes in our Eco Dyes collection are REACH registered, which is a regulation designed to protect human and environmental health from chemicals that could cause harm to the people, planet, or animals.


Safety Data Sheet