cold process soap starter kit - Makesy
cold process soap starter kit - Makesy

starter cold process soap making kit



GAME CHANGER, soap makers! The starter kit will teach you how to make cold process soap using our innovative method. The result? Soap that is safe to use and sell in 2 days. Makes 32 bars of soap using our proprietary blend of oils and a premixed 50/50 lye solution that makes soap making faster, safer, and easier than ever before. Kit includes over 28 different tools, ingredients, and enhancers, including the Bubble Book, which is full of all our soap making hacks, decades of experience and research, and designed to save you time & money while educating you on soap making. Over a $360 value for only $249.95!

Floral Collection:
Sage & Lavender and Rose Water & Hibiscus

Citrus Collection:
Lemon Verbena & Thyme and Yuzu Blossoms & Hinoki


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Each Kit Includes: 

1x 20 pack fragrance blotter strips 

2x 2oz of fragrance

   Choose between:

     Citrus Collection

     Floral Collection

     Woody Collection

     Essential Oil Collection
1x 1000ml pouring pitcher

1x 3000ml pouring pitcher
1x black silicone spatula
1x digital scale
1x white stick blender
1x flock lined nitrile gloves-aqua medium - 1 pair
1x protective sleeves - 1 pair
1x clear safety goggles
1x 5lb wooden box mold
1x straight edge cutter
1x 8lb trinity oil blend      
2x 1.5lb sodium hydroxide lye 50/50 solution
1x 1oz kaolin clay
1x 1oz fine himalayan pink salt
1x botanicals discovery kit
1x mica discovery kit
1x digital bubble book

helpful soap-port: understanding soap cure time