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candle box - kraft

candle box - kraft

Functional kraft candle boxes designed to safeguard your candle creations. These candle boxes provide a perfect fit for many of our candle vessel collections, ensuring they remain secure during storage and transportation. Sold in a set of 24. 

1 - 9 case pack of 24 = $34.95 case / $1.45 ea

10 - 19 case pack of 24 = $33.20 case / $1.38 ea

20 - 29 case pack of 24 = $31.46 case / $1.31 ea

30+ case pack of 24 = $29.71 case / $1.24 ea


Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our 5oz Metal Tin Candle Box in Kraft. Crafted from sturdy kraft material, these candle boxes are designed to perfectly accommodate your 5oz metal tin candle jars. Imagine your candles nestled securely within these boxes, their sleek lines and metallic sheen accentuated by the earthy tones of the kraft material. But these candle boxes offer more than just aesthetics; they offer protection and peace of mind. Designed with a custom fit for your candle tins, these boxes ensure that your creations remain safe and secure during transit or display. Whether you're selling your candles at a market or shipping them to customers, these candle boxes provide the perfect solution for packaging your candles with style and confidence. Elevate your candle packaging experience with our 5oz metal tin candle boxes in kraft, where every detail is crafted with care to enhance the beauty of your creations. Sold in a set of 24.

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