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6.7oz / 200ml black uv glass jar

200 ml Black UV Glass Jars are designed to prevent damaging light rays from entering your lovely formulas. Includes jar, lid, and lid liner. Glass jars available for bulk purchase.

1 - 3 case pack of 12 = $83.40 case / $6.95 ea

4 - 9 case pack of 12 = $79.23 case / $6.60 ea

10 - 39 case pack of 12 = $75.06 case / $6.26 ea

40 - 82 case pack of 12 = $66.72 case / $5.56 ea

83+ case pack of 12 = $58.38 case / $4.87 ea

Delve into the realm of elegance and practicality with our 6.7oz / 200ml Black UV Glass Jars, meticulously designed to safeguard your valuable formulations from the detrimental effects of light exposure. Crafted to perfection, these jars allow beneficial UV rays to penetrate, eliminating potential mold and bacteria, while maintaining the potency and purity of your skincare products. Each set includes the jar, lid, and lid liner, ensuring comprehensive protection and preservation of your precious formulations. Elevate your brand's image and captivate your customers with the luxurious appeal of these premium glass jars. Ideal for skincare brands prioritizing product integrity and presentation, these bottles are perfect for those in search of wholesale skincare supplies and bulk packaging for DIY and cosmetic making needs. Material: Glass

Dimensions (in inches): 3.66 x 2.48 in

Capacity: 200ml

Shipping Restrictions: None

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