0.67 oz / 20 ml black uv glass dropper bottle - Makesy

0.67oz / 20ml black uv glass dropper bottle

20 ml Black UV Glass Jars are designed to prevent damaging light rays from entering your cosmetic formulas. Product packaging supplies available in bulk quantities.

1 - 3 = $35.40 ea $22.00 ea

4 - 9 = $33.63 ea $20.90 ea

10 - 39 = $31.86 ea $19.80 ea

40 - 82 = $28.32 ea $17.60 ea

83 + = $24.78 ea $15.40 ea

Don't miss out on our 0.67oz / 20ml Black UV Glass Dropper Bottle, the epitome of sophistication and functionality. Crafted from UV glass, these bottles offer superior protection against damaging light rays, ensuring the potency and longevity of your products. The dropper top allows for precise dispensing, making them perfect for serums, essential oils, and other skincare formulations. Each bottle comes complete with a dropper top, offering convenience and ease of use. With the option for bulk purchase, you can stock up on these essential packaging components while optimizing your costs. Ideal for skincare brands seeking to elevate their product presentation, these bottles are perfect for skincare brands prioritizing product integrity and presentation, these glass bottles are perfect for those in search of wholesale skincare supplies and bulk packaging for DIY and cosmetic making needs. Material: Glass

Dimensions (in inches): 1.14 x 3.78 in

Capacity: 20ml

Shipping Restrictions: None

Please note this dropper top has a freshness seal, the bottle should not be assembled until the bottle is filled and ready to sell.

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