all-natural baby balm base - Makesy
all-natural baby balm base - Makesy

all-natural baby balm base

Pediatrician-reviewed, non-toxic formula for baby and mom balms. Suitable skin care ingredient for diaper rash and nipple balms. Oil-soluble.

1 oz / 28.45g = $4.95 ea / $0.00 per oz

2 lb / 0.91 kg = $42.95 ea / $0.00 per oz

8 lb / 3.23 kg = $166.65 ea / $0.00 per oz








An all-natural, pediatrician-reviewed* body balm base great for baby balms, diaper rash balms, and balms for moms! This non-toxic formula is ok for use as a nipple balm for lactating mothers. Can be used in various products such as baby balm, diaper rash balm, body balm, and lip balms. Ideal for making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale DIY supplies, bath & body supplies, and bulk skincare ingredients for all DIY skincare making needs. Expand your candle making into bath & body DIY making. Safety first! Products passed clinical safety testing & the results were reviewed by an independent pediatrician.

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