The Best Fragrance Oils For Cold Process Soap

The Best Fragrance Oils For Cold Process Soap

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What the world needs now….is more natural handmade soap, personalized to heal your skin and lift your spirits. Were you just singing that song too? 

We’re so dang stoked to introduce to you cold press soap that will forever change the way you view making and selling soap. Get ready to get sudsy with us! (not salty!) 

This is not your mother’s soap. Cold process soap is your BFF, especially if you want to personalize every single ingredient to make it exactly what your heart desires. 


making cold process soap

the benefits of cold process soap

Cold process soap has SO many incredible benefits for those who want natural ingredients that support and heal skin conditions.

What do we mean by that?

Well, cold process soap is a non-heated process of soap making, so it conserves the beneficial and therapeutic parts of the ingredients.

Now we’re talking! The skin retains its hydration after being washed, which means it stays nourished, moisturized, and protected.

That is something to celebrate, especially as these brisk winter months are approaching. The cold weather does not help our skin, but this cold process soap surely does!

Cold process soaps are better for our skin and that is a WIN! With all the great benefits of controlling ingredients, customizing preferences, allowing for heavier additives, you control the process!

Saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when your ingredients turn into soap. The best news is this soap can be ready to sell in just a couple of days!

Did you scream “game changer?” Full stop. This will change your life, and your business. And it's perfect timing to roll it out for the holidays!

Wait…are you sure? Heck to the YES! The important thing to remember is the difference between saponification and cure time. Saponification will occur in 24-48 hours and your soaps are safe! Cure time is the process of the water in your bars evaporating and the bars becoming denser and harder. This is important to understand for how you should label your final bar weight. More on that here.

With makesy's cold process soap ingredients, we give you an exact recipe and formula in our bubble book to safely and easily make cold process soap that will be ready to sell and use in just a couple days!

No one has time to wait 6 weeks, right? This soap will be a game changer in your business!

How about surprising your customers with this sudsy addition to your holiday line. There is so much joy in making this soap and you will discover the benefits immediately. 


cold process soap materials

the makesy secret soap formula

In everyday soap making, many soap makers use a lot of palm oil and coconut oil, as they saponify quickly, and produce excellent lather and cleansing power when saponified.

They both make a nice hard, white bar of soap.

Castor oil is also commonly used, as it produces great lather and is known for conditioning.

Good ole’ olive oil is a fan favorite because it makes a conditioning bar of soap.

It does not produce much lather, and is not as cleansing as palm/coconut oil when saponified – so, it is often combined in a recipe with palm and/or coconut oil.

Some soap makers choose to make castile soap, which is 100% olive oil soap.

While all those can work, Makesy’s secret formula is the magical trinity blendOur trinity blend is flippin' AMAZING! It’s a specially formulated, perfect mix of clean, safe oils ready to use as your oil base. It is a proprietary blend of coconut, RSPO palm, and olive oil. 

We also created a phenomenal sodium hydroxide 50/50 lye solution. The solution is already blended and ready for use so there is no waiting for chemical reactions or dealing with toxic fumes. 

You heard that right! It’s safer and easier to use for soap makers, because it eliminates the step of working with lye on its own.


the best fragrance oils for cold process soap

We went through the rigorous process of testing our top selling fragrance oils to determine which fragrance oils work best with cold process soap.

Here is a list of the cold process soap approved fragrance oils:

woodsy scents


crisp and clean 


floral fun


sweet or spicy scents


sexy scents


fresh and fruity


mica powders

glitter, mica powder & dried botanicals

Eco-glitter, micas, and botanicals are all skin safe and can add to the beauty of your cold process soap creations.

Adding color, shimmer, and sparkle are just additional ways to create soap sudsing bliss.

You can also learn how to paint mica on your soap to create detailed designs and patterns.

There are so many ways to create ahhhhmazing nourishing and beautiful soaps!

Start your colorful and creative journey here by exploring our biodegradable eco glitters and micas and botanicals. All of our enhancers are available as discovery kits so you can sample small sizes of various colors or ingredients to find the one that suits your recipe best.



cold process soap mold

cold process soap tools

Your safety is top priority! Here's a list of supplies to ensure you are adequately protected when making your soap plus the items you'll need for the making process.


When working with any type of lye, it's always best to protect yourself with fitted goggles, nitrile chemical resistant gloves and protective long sleeves.

Tools make the job easier and more fun, like the two different types of soap cutters: crinkle edge cutter and flat edge cutter.


get making!

If you've ever considered creating cold process soap but were intimidated by the ingredients or the soap cure time, fear no more! We've put together everything you'll need for a successful cold pressed soap making journey.

For more tips and tricks, check out these soap how to videos to help guide you along the way.

Happy making!

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