PSA: Start Selling Room Sprays!

PSA: Start Selling Room Sprays!

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Pronto! Hustle! Scoot! Room sprays to the rescue!

Room sprays can transform a space into a personal paradise and consumers have jumped on board. 

The home fragrance market is growing and room sprays are taking center stage. Their popularity is attributed to their quick results, ease of use, and ability to transform the atmosphere by removing unpleasant orders.

Known as the "air care market," data predicts a steady and impressive increase of 95% growth through 2026. Consumers want pleasant scents to define their spaces and the air freshener market is seeing a massive increase in demand.

Top retailers of air care products reported an 11% increase from 2020 to 2021 and the forecast continues to look fresh! Air care currently has a 36% market share which is predicted to grow continuously for the next several years.

Let's just say, there has never been a better time to invest in adding room sprays to your product line.


room spray supplies

why we love room sprays

Coupled with the growth of the spa industry, scents have been recognized for their ability to soothe, help with energy, and provide a sense of overall well being.

Scents are powerful too, often triggering specific emotions and memories. A room spray is an effective way to instantly boost mood and elevate the atmosphere while also bringing a touch of sophistication to a space.

While we love candles with all our heart, sometimes a quick fragrance burst around the home is necessary. Whether sprayed on furniture or in the cat litter area, concentrated room sprays are a great option for fast scent control as you can decide where you want to spray the fragrance and what quantity you desire.

In 2021, the top three driving factors behind air care purchases included price, long lasting scent, and brand. Consumers are not only using sprays to cover unwanted odors, they're also using them to enhance their space and improve indoor air quality.


a quick scent change

Room sprays offer a wonderful solution to the need for a quick scent change in the home. Maybe you made a delicious dinner last night but the scent is still lingering. Or your dog's fur is creating a strong scent from being outside in the heat. Perhaps time is limited and you don't have an hour or two to burn a scented candle.

In times like this, you need a quick change of scent to elevate your home that will last long term and room sprays are the ideal solution.

Much of the increase in demand for room sprays stems from people paying more attention to their homes as spaces that bring peace and tranquility. Consider it a result of the pandemic, the more time we spent in our homes, the more we needed them to serve as calming spaces that could ease the anxiety of the outside world.

We've also seen the younger generation show a higher demand for home fragrance options on demand.


a long lasting aroma

Some room sprays can maintain a fragrance for up to three days when sprayed in the air, and even weeks when sprayed on fabrics and furniture. 

As part of a home cleaning ritual, room sprays can give you that fresh and clean feeling for days after you've tidied up a space.

Room sprays are incredibly safe to use as they're a flameless option for fragrance and they can be a wonderful accessory when traveling. They can be used to enhance a hotel room or an office space, or even in the car.

Get ready to embrace the room spray craze. We know your customers are going to love seeing this new addition to your line.


room spray project

how to start making room sprays

Want to learn step by step how to create an incredible room spray? We made this video to show you how.

Shop all our room spray supplies here including bases, packaging, fragrance oils, and enhancers.

You can also begin with our sleepy lavender body and pillow spray kit which includes all the materials and tools you need to create 2 room sprays.

You'll start with our all-natural, wildcrafted witch hazel base and our juniper fir and balsam spruce fragrance. Perfect for the holidays, it features notes of lemon peel, eucalyptus, musky pine wood, and sweet apple.

We include some juniper sprigs plus fun, biodegradable gold glitter for an ultra-festive appeal. Your finished room sprays will sparkle in translucent bottles for a perfectly pleasing and enticing display that will easily become the center of attention at your next holiday gathering.

Not feeling the holiday vibe? Use our organic alcohol & witch hazel base to mix with any fragrance you love and package your room sprays in our naked translucent 4oz fine mist spray bottles.


Be sure to tag us in your finished creations on Instagram using #makesymade for a chance to get featured on our wall of inspo & win a $100 makesy gift card. Happy making!

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