Inspiration & Tips For Making Wax Melts & Tarts

Inspiration & Tips For Making Wax Melts & Tarts

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Need some tart and melt inspiration to make your wax melt dreams come true? Say less.

Wax melts can be made into so many shapes and sizes, which gives you tons of creative freedom to create unique products that stand out!

Plus, once you add in some super fun enhancers like mica powder or eco dyes, the possibilities are truly endless!

We recommend checking out our collection of mold cavities so you can let your wax melt dreams go wild! You can make beautiful flower melts, heart-shaped melts, hanging melts, and even succulent melts.

Let’s walk through some fun & unique ways to use wax and tarts to level up your product line…or to have some plain old fun creating that maker magic to spice up your space!


melt inspiration

gather your materials

The process of making diy wax melts is rather simple…and oh-so satisfying! First you’ll want to choose your wax! Hemp soy wax or beeswax coco creme are both wonderful waxes for scented wax melts & tarts since they have a low melt point and are relatively easy to work with!

You will also need to pick out a fragrance oil that fits your vision! If you are feeling fancy, you can choose your favorite eco-dye and add a tiny droplet. A little goes a long way with eco-dyes!

Next: the fun part! It’s time to have some fun picking out your molds!

In this blog we are going to chat about our versatile silicone molds. These molds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and cavities each with ranging wax fill levels (1.01oz - 1.9oz).

Silicone molds are particularly special because of their usage benefits!

These molds have a non-stick surface, which makes removing your product a breeze! Plus, silicone molds can withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and are microwave, oven, refrigerator and freezer safe.

Did I mention there will be nearly zero clean up?!

Just a note that wax melts do need time to cure. We typically recommend letting your melts or tarts cure for about 72 hours, so that it’s firm enough to retain its unique shape.

There are so many different directions you can go when creating homemade wax melts and tarts. Here are just a few of our favorite design ideas.

seashell silicone mold

seashell wax melts

One of our all-time favorite molds is the silicone seashell cavity mold, which consists of 10 super realistic shaped seashells that will immediately take you to the beach.

Go ahead and start sipping your mocktail and let loose making your beach themed tarts & wax melts.

Use the sunlotion & sea breeze fragrance oil or sea salt & beach sage to enhance the summertime vibe!

You can also enhance your seashell designs using mica powders or eco dyes to add color and shimmer.

Use an airy cream organza bag to package up a little collection of wax melt shells to gift or sell.

To level it up, you can grab a clear vase or jar from the dollar store and some sand and you have yourself an easy and adorable piece of summer decor (that also smells amazing)!


succulent shaped silicone mold

succulent wax melts

Embrace the plant lover within you! Make a succulent terrarium using silicone wax melts an add them as a statement piece on top of your candles!

You will want to start with our silicone succulent mold, your fragrance, and wax.

It is recommended to use a harder wax with this mold for best results (we suggest beeswax coco creme or hemp soy) as we previously talked about above.

For fragrance, we recommend something with earthy, green fragrance notes, but feel free to choose whatever you are feeling.

You will need to determine the size of the candle you want to make, and how many succulent wax melts you want to put in.

Once created and cured, you can simply pop out the succulent and place the melt on top of your cured candle and boom! You’ve got a beautiful succulent candle terrarium! 

flower shaped silicone mold

flower wax melts

Another fun idea is to create a magical garden experience using our silicone flower molds!

Our chrysanthemum mold makes a beautiful single melt or use this silicone flower mold which makes 11 incredibly detailed flowers of all kinds.

You can build a mini melt garden packaged up beautifully to fit the lovely theme!

Pair these with a floral fragrance oil like peony & nectarine or sun-drenched ivy & lilies.

If you are feeling super creative, have some fun and add some colored flowers using eco-dyes. You can also think about adding micas or botanicals and make for a colorful garden experience.

You can gift these easily by putting several flower melts in a translucent bag tied with a bow. These melts can be placed in a beautiful ceramic wax warmer to get that amazingly intense fragrance throw!

heart shaped silicone mold

heart wax melts

This next project has our hearts!

Create fun heart-shaped melts with this single cavity heart-shaped mold, this 6 heart mold, or the 55 tiny hearts mold.

Love never goes out of style, and heart molds can be used for nearly every occasion.

Think about creating a box of green and red hearts for the holiday season!

Or pink and red hearts would melt your heart any day, anytime!

Add colored micas, eco glitters and eco dyes to the heart molds to make for heart-melting colors!

Adding a lovely fragrance like our best-seller dark rose & labdanum plus botanicals (hint: rose petals) would be extra elevated! 


ornament shaped silicone mold with hole

holiday hanging wax melts

Get on trend this holiday season by offering hanging wax melts! New to this seasonal style? Get ready to be wowed!

Utilizing silicone molds specially designed with a hanging cut-out hole, you can create melts to thread with any type of ribbon or cord you choose.

This 4 cavity silicone mold has ornate shapes that feel super festive for the holidays.

Or experiment with our 6 cavity shape mold that has star, oval, circle, and rectangular shapes. 

You can make adornments such as gift tags, ornaments, mistletoe, closet scent hangers, and even a wreath using the silicone round cavity mold or the fancy ornate mold.

Hanging wax melts would also make great stocking stuffers, car fresheners ( weather dependent), or a perfect gift to leave on someone’s desk to bring holiday cheer. 

Think of adding botanicals like juniper springsmini chipseco glittereco dyes, or micas. For gifting, you can present them in these adorable and biodegradable cello bags.

Experiment with various mold shapes and push your creativity to the next level! The seasonal molds are also fun to pair with seasonal scents like holiday fir & crisp juniper.

Wax melts are a flameless, inexpensive and fun way to create a beautiful home smell without the attention required for a lit scented candle.

The combinations you can create are virtually endless and we are pumped to see the melt magic you will create! Just have fun and enjoy the creative process!

Tag @makesy on Instagram so we can celebrate your amazing creations and keepsakes!

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