How To Make Your Own Shampoo & Conditioner

How To Make Your Own Shampoo & Conditioner

Did you know that most store bought shampoos and conditioners are full of synthetic chemicals? They can be harsh on your hair, contain toxins, and can potentially have long lasting effects on your health.

When you use clean shampoo ingredients and control the formula of your haircare products, you can make them healthier and more effective.

Makesy makes it possible to make your own shampoo and conditioner with our premade bases. Add your favorite actives and fragrances, and you've created your own clean shampoo and conditioner!

When you customize your formulas with our actives, you can target specific hair types too so you don't have to sacrifice anything when using the best natural ingredients.

Voila! Great hair days ahead!


diy shampoo recipe

Makes 16.6 oz. of all natural shampoo

Ingredients you'll need:


  1. Combine all the ingredients for your shampoo in a sealed container and shake it up until it's thoroughly mixed.
  2. Fill up your pet bottles, add a pump top or a dispensing cap to each one and enjoy your homemade shampoo!

Next up, the conditioner!

diy conditioner recipe

Makes 16.6oz of creamy conditioner

Ingredients you'll need:


  1. Combine all your conditioner ingredients together in a sealed container and shake until everything is thoroughly combined.
  2. Fill up your pet bottles, add a pump top or a dispensing cap to each one and enjoy your new formulation designed by you!

make eco-friendly shampoo & conditioner bars

Another fun diy shampoo project is our double the bubble shampoo & conditioner bars project. Create dual-action maker magic!

This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar gently cleanses the hair and scalp with surfactants that come from nourishing coconut oil.

Our formula combines essential fatty acids with vitamins A, C, D, and E from goat’s milk and shea butter. Together they help strengthen and condition the hair while thoroughly moisturizing the scalp.

This exceptional bar is also water-conscious, sustainably sourced, and can easily be sold packaging-free to help eliminate waste. 

explore our haircare discovery kits

haircare discovery kit

Feeling even more creative and ready for a challenge? Try making your own natural shampoo & conditioner from scratch!

Our haircare base discovery kit is a great starting point. This kit contains jojoba sulfate-free shampoo bases, repair & hydrate conditioner bases, and intensive repair oil treatment bases.

These buildable bases nourish, cleanse, and deeply moisturize hair so they're a perfect starting point for creating your own haircare products.

When you're ready to add some oomph to your products, grab our haircare actives discovery kit. You can experiment with different ingredients that work to customize your formulas for the ideal texture, consistency, and wear.

We've put together eight different actives to play with. For example, barley starch powder makes a great texturizing agent, and rice bran wax helps lock in moisture.

No haircare routine is complete without conditioner! Our strengthening & conditioning discovery kit has everything you need to create a super hydrating conditioner.

It includes 6 actives like our favorite snow mushroom extract and barlaquat hair protein. Add a fragrance or your favorite essential oils and you'll have the perfect conditioner to pair with your new shampoo.

Get ready to look forward to the days you wash your hair!

    make it your business

    hair product line starter kit

    Your haircare products shouldn't stand solo in your shower...share them with the world!

    We created our hair care starter kit to get you going with all our best ingredients so you can formulate shampoos, conditioners, and more in order to develop your own custom line to sell.

    The hair care starter kit comes packed with over $320 worth of supplies for $249.95 so you get some sweet savings.

    Learn how to customize products with a curated collection of discovery kits, natural ingredients, all the tools you need, and of course the digital Beauty Batch Book to help you along the way.

    Make jojoba shampoo boosted with volumizing caffeine, peptide repairing conditioner, and silky-smooth detangling spray, then see how your hair shines!

    If we've just inspired you to start creating your own haircare products, tag us on social with #letsmakesy and show us what you're makin'!

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