How to Make a Custom DIY Perfume

Perfumery is an art form that dates back to ancient Egypt. Today, perfumers have 2000 to 5000 different ingredients on their palette when creating a fragrance. That’s a whole lot of scents to choose from, which means SO much room for creativity and customization!

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own luxurious, sensuous perfume, follow the easy steps below and you’ll be well on your way to crafting scent-sational magic to make part of your brand, gift to loved ones, or all of the above!


  1. Organic Sugarcane Alcohol (75%)
  2. Luxury Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil (25%)
  3. 4 oz Spray Bottle
  4. Digital Scale
  5. Pouring Pitcher
  6. Stainless Steel Funnel Set
  7. Mixing Spoon

Steps to make a DIY Perfume:

  1. Determine your ratio of ingredients. Since we are using a 4 oz spray bottle, we are going to use 75% alcohol and 25% fragrance oil, which is 3 oz of Sugarcane Alcohol and 1 oz of Fragrance Oil (we recommend Star Jasmine + Santal for an incredibly sophisticated scent with beautifully complex top, middle, and base notes). Anytime you make perfume, using 20 - 25% fragrance oil is going to give you a nice, strong, lingering scent.\
  2. Measure/Weigh your alcohol base. Place your pitcher on top of your scale and tare out your pitcher on the scale’s settings so it doesn’t get weighed with your perfume blend. Add 3 oz of Sugarcane Alcohol to your pitcher. The alcohol is easily going to hold your high fragrance load of 20 - 25% when making perfume.
  3. Add your fragrance oil. Pour 1 oz of your chosen Fragrance Oil into your pitcher and blend your ingredients for 1 -2 minutes so they fully mix together. 

4. Make your perfume spray-ready! After blending your fragrance and alcohol, your perfume is ready to use (so easy, right)! Simply use a funnel to avoid spilling and pour your perfume into cute + chic spray bottles.

5. Spray yourself with your new creation and enjoy your new favorite scent!

Watch this video to see these steps in action: How To Make a DIY Perfume

Ready to try making your own perfume? Head on over to the Makers Marketplace and find your supplies listed at the top of this blog. 

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Happy Making!