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gemstone extracts mini discovery kit

Gemstone extracts offer healing properties. Blue malachite boosts defense, green peridot provides antioxidants, red hematite fights aging.

Discover the healing properties of innovative, gemstone extracts. Infuse your skincare with these powerful ingredients, or create a collection of healing products that restores balance physically and spiritually. Blue malachite gemstone extract boosts cellular defense, protects skin, & flushes out toxins while restoring inner strength. Green peridot gemstone extract offers potent antioxidant protection to fight tired, dull skin while spiritually neutralizing toxins & stabilizing mood. Red hematite gemstone extract holds powerful anti-aging properties to rejuvenate firmness, reduce signs of aging, & protecting against negative energy. Rhodochrosite gemstone extract helps protect the skin from damage caused by pollutants and free radicals by boosting your skin's antioxidants and empowering you to embrace change. These extracts are water-based and are not compatible with our candle waxes, body oils & butters, or lip balm base.

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