made better™ bases

Discover the essence of made better™ bases, curated to nurture your skin and uplift your spirit. From luxurious emollients and body oils to organic alcohols and eco-friendly cleaning bases, our premium selection offers everything you need to create exquisite lip and skin care, hair care, perfume and room sprays, reed diffusers, soaps and natural cleaning products. Indulge in the goodness of nature with our variety of body bases, incense bases, lye bases, perfume alcohols and lip gloss bases, each formulated with care to enhance your well-being. Elevate your craft and embrace the power of clean ingredients, designed to inspire and delight.


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organic castile soap base

As low as $3.95 each

honey coco melt & pour soap base

As low as $6.95 each

trinity cold process soap oil base

As low as $19.95 each

sodium hydroxide lye 50/50 solution

As low as $17.95 each

sodium hydroxide lye flakes

As low as $14.95 each

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