eco cotton & wood candle wicks

Discover the next level of candle-making innovation with our range of cutting-edge wicks. From our ultimate wooden wicks to performance cotton wicks, we offer a variety of options to suit your unique candle creations. Experiment with the soothing sound of natural crackling wood wicks or opt for the quietness of whisper wood wicks or add a personal touch with x wicks, round-shaped wicks, colored wicks and even word wicks to your candle creativity. Our innovative wicks ensure a clean and consistent burn, allowing you to craft candles that are both beautiful and functional. Elevate your candle-making game and get started with our range of premium candle wood wick and cotton wick sample kits


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flat wood wick clips

As low as $10.00 each

x wood wick clip

As low as $7.00 each

low profile wood wick clips

As low as $12.00 each

spiral wood wick clip

As low as $7.00 each

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