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This discovery kit is to dye for! Color your candle & melt creations with an array of vibrant hues. With this discovery kit, you can create unlimited variations of colors by adding varying amounts of the dyes, as well as mixing them with one another for a custom color. This kit comes with six 0.1 oz eco dyes, along with 12 easy-to-use droppers for dispersing it into your liquid wax. And to top it off, all eco dyes are made with a renewable solvent system and are 100% free from all the icky ingredients (contain no parabens, phthalates, or Prop 65 ingredients). YAY! *Just a friendly reminder that our eco dyes are intended for candles and wax melts only.*

Each Discovery Kit Includes:
0.1oz Ebony Eco Dye
0.1oz Scarlet Eco Dye
0.1oz Indigo Eco Dye
0.1oz Moss Eco Dye
0.1oz Canary Eco Dye
0.1oz Marigold Eco Dye

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