confetti cake diy bath bomb kit - Makesy confetti cake diy bath bomb kit
confetti cake diy bath bomb kit

confetti cake diy bath bomb kit

Makes 6 5oz Bath Bombs. These colorful confetti bath bombs smells like freshly baked cupcakes with sweet cream frosting! Add fun & festive colors to make any bathtime a party! With an all-natural fragrance and solubilizer, this bath bomb is completely natural and polysorbate free. DIY kit instructions.





Indulge in a fun bath experience with our Confetti Cake DIY Bath Bomb Kit, where the aroma of freshly baked cupcakes meets the soothing comfort of a warm bath. Dive into a world of vibrant colors and sweet fragrances as you create 6 luxurious 5oz bath bombs, each infused with natural ingredients for a truly indulgent soak. Turn bath time into a treat, courtesy of our comprehensive bath bomb making kit. A kit includes all the goodies you need to make a finished product. From candle making kits, soap making kits, perfume making kits and more, it’s a way to get a feel for the making process on a smaller scale or just have some fun creating! Our makesy formulators have curated kits for so many different moods, vibes, occasions! Whether you want to get creative & make one yourself, or you’re looking for a fabulous gift - you really can't go wrong with a makesy DIY kit!

Makes 6

DIY Kit Includes:
1x stainless steel bath bomb mold

1x 18oz sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

1x 9oz citric acid

1x 0.25oz cocoa butter – deodorized wafers

1x 0.25oz cococlean natural surfactant blend

1x 0.1oz vanilla cupcake + rainbow sprinkles fragrance

1x 0.05oz psychedelic eco glitter

2x 1.7oz borosilicate glass beaker

1x disposable spatula

2x organza bag

2x round hang tags

2x product stickers

fragrance notes.