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Can I buy an item if I don't live in the US?

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Not yet! The makesy stash is not currently available to buyers anywhere outside of the US. We are unable to fulfill orders requiring shipping to Puerto Rico or international shipping addresses.

How do I pay for a resale item?

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You will pay via our secure checkout in the same way as with any makesy order.  Simply "Add to Cart" and proceed through the checkout as usual.

How long does shipping take?

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We ask our sellers to fulfill your order within 3 business days. The item will ship with a tracking number, and typically arrives within 3-5 days of being shipped.

will I still be charged shipping if my order is over $149?

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Yes. All resale items purchased from the stash will have shipping applied during checkout because the order is being shipped from another maker and not from makesy hq. We’ve reduced the shipping rates to make it as affordable as possible!

What should I do when I receive my order?

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Once your order has been delivered you will receive an email to confirm and rate the product. Let us know if your item is up to the standards you expected! If yes, feel free to give your seller a great rating. If not, let us know within three days through the form. One of our customer service representatives is here to take care of you!

Can I return my purchase from the stash?

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All purchases from the stash are final unless the item is not in the condition described by the seller. If that situation occurs, you can open a dispute once the item has been delivered to you. If we confirm the dispute, we will issue a refund and ask that you please return the item. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always available to help at

Why should I shop here?

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The stash is the dedicated marketplace for buying and selling makesy products from other makers. We’ve created this community experience so you can find and purchase items that another maker has a surplice of. You’ll find new items in the original packaging, as well as items that have a portion remaining.

What can I find in makesy’s stash?

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You will find real makesy customers selling items they have a surplus of. These makesy products will ship directly to you from another makesy customer upon purchase.

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What can I sell?

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You can sell most makesy products through our resale program. Once approved, we will place it in the stash for any customer to purchase. 

Note: Some items from our current and core collections may not be approved to be sold at this time. Feel free to reach out to with any questions about your listing.

What products are required to be unopened and/or not expired to be eligible for resale and how can I tell?

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Great question - we currently have a list of 27 products that must be in its original packaging and when weighed, is the correct weight per the product sale weight. Unfortunately, these products do not have expiration date on the product, but instead have a shelf life (SL) indicated next to the product name in parenthesis below:

  • Amazonian red clay (SL 48 months)
  • Bentonite clay (SL 48 months)
  • Biobased emulsifying wax  (SL 36 months)
  • Coarse bamboo jade salt (SL 96 months)
  • Coarse black lava salt (SL 96 months)
  • Coarse himalayan pink salt (SL 96 months)
  • Cocoa butter - deodorized wafters (SL 36 months)
  • Dead sea mud (SL 48 months)
  • Easy dissolve caffeine extract (SL 36 months)
  • Easy-blend xanthan clay (SL 60 months)
  • Fine himalayan pink salt (SL 96 months)
  • Flamingo shimmer mica (SL 36 months)
  • French green clay (SL 60 months)
  • Magenta shimmer mica (SL 36 months)
  • Olive pomace oil (SL 36 months)
  • Organic & wildcrafted witch hazel (SL 36 months)
  • Organic coconut sugar (SL 60 months)
  • Organic propanediol (SL 24 months)
  • Organic raw sugar (SL 60 months)
  • Pure xanthan gum (SL 36 months)
  • Rhassoul clay (SL 48 months)
  • Rose clay (SL 60 months)
  • Stardust shimmer mica (SL 36 months)
  • Sweet almond oil (SL 36 months)
  • Virgin macadamia nut oil (SL 36 months)
  • Vitamin c - ascorbic acid (SL 36 months)
  • Vitamin e - natural (SL 36 months)

How do I sell my item?

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Log into your makesy account (create an account if you don’t have one) and click "Sell on the stash". Pick the item you want to sell from your purchase history and follow the prompts. You can also sell items that are not in your purchase history.

Remember to provide complete and accurate information about the item’s condition, since you will only get store credit once the buyer confirms its condition.

makesy reviews all resale submissions and has the right to approve or deny listings.

Once approved, we encourage you to share your listing!

How is my product approved?

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Our dedicated quality team reviews every item before it goes live. We want to make sure your buyer is happy and your item sells! We review:

- Your pictures: so they are accurate and high quality 

- Blemishes or quirks: to make sure they are accurately described 

- The condition you selected: to make sure it accurately reflects your images 

- The product: to make sure it is an authentic item

How should I price my item?

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We will give you a price recommendation based on the original price and condition. You’re welcome to adjust this price.

What price can I sell at?

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You are welcome to name your price, but we will recommend a price based on the item’s condition. We will then add a fixed amount to the listing price to cover shipping charges. These prices are subject to modification during the approval process by makesy.

Can I sell an item if I don't live in the US?

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Currently, we offer the stash in the US only (excluding Puerto Rico). We're growing fast and will be in more countries soon!

How is shipping handled?

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Once your item has sold, you will receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label via email and must send the item within 3 business days. If you have not shipped your item within 10 days, your transaction will be canceled. You do not have to pay extra for shipping.

Pack your items along with their respective labels and a thank you note.

Please carefully & neatly pack your item, and drop it off with the shipping label at the nearest post office. You can also hand it to your mail person.

How should I prepare my item once it’s sold?

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If you’re selling items, ensure they are of the best quality. Make sure your items are clean and packed appropriately. Write a note to your seller to include in your package. The best products come with their stories.

What packaging should I use?

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Your packaging should fit the size and shape of your item while keeping it protected. We encourage you to reuse packaging from previous purchases or recycled materials. Note: you can use a USPS box, available for free at any post office.

When will I be paid?

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You, as the seller, will only be paid for your item after it has been delivered and confirmed. When the shipping carrier notifies our system the item has been delivered, the buyer has 3 days to confirm and rate the item. Once this happens, we will release your payment through makesy store credit.

How will I be paid?

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You will receive 100% of the sale of the item as store credit in the form of a makesy gift card.

What are the fees for selling my items?

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As a Seller on the stash, you get 100% of the sale price in makesy credit! (i.e. Selling an item for $100 gives you $100 credit back to 

How does the store credit work?

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We issue store credit as a gift card to be redeemed at makesy. You’ll receive the code via email. When shopping with makesy again, select payment through a gift card and enter the code in the box. Feel free to peruse new items and the stash collection with your full balance. Gift cards can be applied to multiple transactions.

Why should I sell my items on the stash?

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Our goal is to give you the best value for your item, sell it fast, and get your items to a new maker that can use them. Selling old or stagnant items allows you to earn cash you can invest back into your business. Not to mention, it's simple - list items straight from your order history.

The stash is the official marketplace for buying and selling products you’ve purchased from makesy. This is where our community lives, and where YOU the customer can interact with one another.

What if my item is not in my purchase history?

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Not a problem! If you received a makesy item as a gift, purchased from a third-party seller, or anywhere else, navigate into your makesy account just as normal. When you see your purchase history, locate the button that says “Sell Another Item”. Search our master catalog for the item you wish to resell. Fill out the form and submit, we’ll take care of the rest!