perfect kiss diy lip scrub kit

need the supplies? get the diy kit.


We know you both can’t wait to tie that knot with a kiss, so why not prepare? This fun kit is designed to make 2 perfect, all-natural lip scrubs which help to exfoliate, moisturize and promote plumper lips.  

The Supply List

1x 2oz superfruit butter
1x 1oz organic raw sugar
1x 0.1oz pink bubbly rosé flavor
1x 10ml coconut oil - fractionated mct
2x 50ml frosted glass jar with bamboo lid


1. In a microwave safe bowl or dish, add 2oz superfruit butter and 10ml coconut oil - fractionated mct.

2. Microwave for 1 minute to melt completely. Add your sugar. Mix by hand.

3. In a larger bowl add some ice and water (or cold water). This is an ice bath for your scrub.

4. Submerge your mixture and vessel in your ice bath to cool. Stir occasionally as your scrub begins to reach room temperature.

5. Add your .1oz of pink bubbly rosé flavor, and continue to mix.

6. Once your scrub is cool to the touch it should begin to regain a whipped butter-like consistency.

7. Evenly distribute into your 2 provided jars. Seal completely.

Directions for Use

Massage a small amount onto clean lips, then rinse with a damp washcloth. Can be used two to three times a week.

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