natural diy conditioner pet spray kit

Need the supplies? Get the DIY kit.


Our natural, hydrating leave-in conditioner spray smooths and cleanses your pet’s fur while helping to neutralize odors. Simply spray your pet when they start to smell, to soften and refresh their fur from tip to tail!

The Supply List

1x 12oz white gloss pet bottle
1x white gloss fine mist sprayer
1x all-natural micellar makeup remover, 11oz
1x sil-olea natural silicone alternative, 10ml
2x natural lush lavandin & tahitian vanilla, 10ml
1x plastic funnel

Project Prep

Cover your workspace and gather all your materials. Check off the list below to make sure all your tools are clean and ready for making!


1. Add your 10ml Sil-Olea natural silicone alternative and both 10ml all-natural fragrances to your base.
    a. Tip: use the back of a butter knife to remove the orifice reducer from your bottles for easier pouring!
    b. Sil-Olea is an olive derived conditioner that softens & shines your pet’s coat without a greasy after feel.

2. Seal tightly and shake to mix.

3. Give your best buddy some attention! Tip: just like you would your own hair, brush through for best results!

Directions for Use

Use as often as necessary. Lightly spray product onto dry coat and either allow to dry or brush through coat for best results.

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