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wax type.

virgin coconut soy

Our #1 selling wax blend

coco apricot creme

Creamy vegan blend & unique ingredients

beeswax coco creme

Easiest & creamiest beeswax blend

hemp coco soy

Unique & proprietary hemp wax

    supernatural   soy

100% natural soy

deluxe satin soy

Great performance & lowest cost

pure palm paraffin.  


All natural blends
Clean burning
Even, slow burn
Great hot/cold throw
Exceptional adhesion
Easily holds up to 12% fragrance load
Made in the USA
Beginner friendly
Unique marketing ingredients
Quick + easy to melt
Skin safe
Moisturizes & nourishes skin
Easy to use, single-pour wax
Bright white color
Glossy finish
Contains a UV stabilizer to protect dye colors
Contains a heat antioxidant to prevent discoloration
100% Vegetable blend
Includes coconut
Includes soy
Includes RSPO palm
Includes food-grade paraffin
Includes organic hemp oil
Sold in 5lb
Sold in 11lb
Sold in 44lb
Sold in 45lb

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