glowing diy shimmer body spray kit

need the supplies? get the diy kit.


Hydrate, soothe, and treat your skin to a subtle and flirty shimmer before you walk the aisle. Healing aloe & witch hazel help to even & tone skin for an even and more youthful appearance.

Shine brighter than the diamond. It's YOUR special day! This kit yields 4 finished goods so it makes a great gift or a day of product for your whole bridal party!  

The Supply List

1x 14oz all-natural micellar makeup remover
1x 10ml aloe vera gel concentrate 40X  
1x 10ml natural arabian jasmine + baies roses fragrance
1x 0.12oz pearl mica
4x 100 ml frosted glass spray bottle


1. Add your 10ml natural arabian jasmine + baies roses fragrance, 10ml aloe vera gel concentrate and .12oz of pearl mica into your all-natural micellar makeup remover (this is a 16oz bottle so there is plenty of room).

2. Shake to mix.

3. Pour carefully and evenly into your 4 provided bottles. For best distribution of mica, shake gently to redistribute mica in between pouring each bottle.

4. Seal with your spray cap.

Directions for Use

Shake to evenly disperse mica. Either spray into your hands and apply to desired areas, or apply a few sprays from 6 -10 inches away and allow a few seconds to dry.

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