glimmer & shimmer body oil diy kit

need the supplies? get the diy kit.


Take your skin on a tropical vacation anytime with a luxurious, moisturizing shimmer, which gives your skin that just from the beach glow.

The Supply List

2x 2oz light body + face oil base
1x 10ml puresilk natural emulsifier
1x .12oz cold-process natural emulsifier (o/w)
1x .06oz emulsitec plant derived preservative
1x .12oz milky coconut + suntan lotion fragrance oil
1x .04oz pearl mica
1x .02oz blush mica
3x 40ml frosted glass dropper bottle with bamboo cap


1. In a microwave safe container or bowl combine 4oz. Light body + face oil, 10ml pure silk natural emulsifier, and .12oz of cold-process natural emulsifier.

2. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir until all components are completely melted and evenly blended.

3. Add .04oz pearl mica and .02oz of blush mica and stir until micas are evenly dispersed.

4. Continue to mix every couple of minutes while solution cools to room temperature.

5. Once the outside of your container is warm enough to touch, add .12oz of milky coconut + suntan lotion fragrance oil, and .06oz emulsitec plant-derived preservative.

6. Continue to mix periodically until solution is cooled to room temperature.

7. Pour evenly between your bottles. Seal. Enjoy!

Directions for Use

Pump onto hands or directly onto the skin and massage to blend. Can be used all over the body for skin with that sun kissed glow.

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