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performance cotton wick

performance cotton wick

The search for the perfect cotton wick is over. Advanced, patented technology gives these wicks burn-efits like you’ve never seen before. The tightly knitted core is made with a biodegradable, plant-based fiber that provides a consistent burn every time and holds a rigid structure, keeping the wick upright as you pour. Once lit, this performance cotton wick begins to curl as it burns, preventing a carbon ball buildup, and self-trims to keep the ideal height with each burn. Sounds pretty lit, right?

Sold in sets of 12 and 100.

Available in 6" and 10" in height

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Cotton Wick Sizing Chart

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1 - 9 = $2.95 ea

10 + = $2.80 ea

Key Benefits of Performance Cotton Wicks:

Performance cotton wicks include a proprietary and patented knitted core for optimal burn performance
Self-trimming, clean burning, and biodegradable

Coated in 100% paraffin wax
Stable all-natural core made of plant-based fibers
Great performance with harder-to-burn waxes and fragrances
Wick curls by design during burn cycles, and does not mushroom

These wicks are manufactured in the US and are ISO Certified


Helpful Tip: If candle wax is poured at too high of a temperature, it can cause the wick to separate from the sustainer. To avoid this separation, make sure that the wax pouring temperature is under 170-175 F. 

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