cotton wick stabilizer gold - set of 12 - Makesy
cotton wick stabilizer gold - set of 12 - Makesy

gold cotton wick stabilizer - set of 12

Keep your candle wicks in place with a wick stabilizer. Made from durable stainless steel, it ensures perfectly placed wicks every time. Sold in sets of 12, it's a must-have for candle makers.

Ensure perfectly placed candle wicks every time with our cotton wick stabilizer. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this stabilizer keeps your wicks in place during the candle making process, ensuring a consistent burn. Sold in sets of 12, it's a must-have tool for candle makers looking to achieve professional results. Ideal for candle making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale candle supplies, candle making supplies, soap making supplies, and bulk soap making supplies for DIY candle making and soap making needs.

sold in a set of 12

clip length is 0.2" thick x 5.12" long. The end cap is 0.27" in diameter x 0.8" long. 

material: stainless steel

color: gold

Ensure your wicks remain ​upright and centered while pouring wax into the container.
Secure the wick to the bottom of the container with a wick sticker and lay the wick holder across the opening of the container. Then slide the wick into the clip. Make sure that the wick is nice and tight so that it cannot bend once the wax is poured. 

Unique cap to ensure that the clips stay tight at all times

fragrance notes.