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3000ml pouring pitcher

Pour your creations with ease using the 3000ml pouring pitcher. Made from chemical-resistant Polypropylene, it withstands cold-pressed soap mixtures containing Lye. Sturdy handles ensure convenient handling, while its autoclavable design enhances versatility.

Pour your creations with ease using our 3000ml Pouring Pitcher, a versatile tool designed for soap making enthusiasts. Made from chemical-resistant Polypropylene, this pitcher can withstand cold-pressed soap mixtures containing Lye, ensuring durability and safety in your soap making process. With sturdy handles for convenient handling and an autoclavable design for enhanced versatility, this pouring pitcher is an essential addition to any soap maker's toolkit. Whether you're crafting small batches or large quantities of soap, this pitcher is up to the task. Ideal for soap making enthusiasts and perfect for those in search of wholesale soap making supplies, soap making pitchers, and bulk soap making resources for DIY candle making and soap making needs.

Material: Polypropylene
Weight: 0.524 lbs
Temperature range: -10°C to 120°C

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