A Guide To Pricing Home Care Products

A Guide To Pricing Home Care Products

Have you considered making your own natural home cleaning products aka jumping on the green-clean bus? If so, you’re on the right track because the eco cleaning industry is experiencing some MAJOR growth. 

If you haven’t thought about it yet, you definitely should! Here’s why: 

Natural home cleaning products are an upward trend we are seeing in the making community, and if you add them to your small business selection, you’ll see just how popular they are.

The global household eco cleaning product market is expected to grow from $18 Billion USD in 2017 to $28 Billion USD by the end of 2024.

Not only is making natural cleaning products a huge market opportunity for Makers, but it also means knowing exactly what is in each product that is cleaning your home. What’s not to love about that?

We highly support making your own natural home cleaning products because of their clean-green benefits - you can see the endless opportunities through the variety of supplies offered in maksey’s home care collection.

pricing your home care products

So how should you price these products? Let’s dive into the all-natural homemade cleaning products you can make + sell and their potential price points.

Let’s say you’re making 50 units at a time for the following DIY natural cleaning recipes - here is what you will need and what it will cost:


all-purpose home cleaning spray

Works for glass, most countertop surfaces, tile, and more

Try this formula:

  • White Gloss 16oz Bottle + Mini Trigger Sprayer
    $3.71 per unit

  • 65% Organic Sugarcane Alcohol (disinfectant and shine enhancer; you can use more or less depending on cost and personal preference. We recommend at least 60% and not more than 85%).
    You will need 32.5 pounds total @ $20.36/lb.
    $661.70 / 50 units = $13.23 per unit

  • 1% Colloidal Silver (natural preservative; antifungal and antimicrobial)
    You will need 8 ounces total @ $29.95/lb.
    $14.98 / 50 units = $0.30 per unit

  • 2% Pamplemousse + Fresh Sheets Fragrance Oil (or fragrance oil of your choice)
    You will need 16 ounces total @ $39.95/lb.
    $39.95 / 50 units = $0.80 per unit

  • 4% Polysorbate (mild solubilizing agent)
    You will need 2 pounds total @ $8.95/lb.
    $17.90 / 50 units = $0.36 per unit

  • 28% Distilled Water


Total cost to make 1 unit: $18.40

Check out our super simple how-to blog here or watch a full tutorial video!


how to price your products & market comps

Once you know your costs, the next step is to determine how much you should sell your product for. In addition to the costs above, you will need to consider any packaging and labor costs.

If you order products from a supplier that charges shipping, add that into your unit cost as well.

As your business and order volume grows, your costs will in turn go down, so be sure to review your costs from time to time to ensure they are still accurate.

We always suggest researching the market to get a good feel for similar products and how they are being priced, however when it comes to elevated and all-natural home cleaning products, the market is pretty sparse, and that’s a good thing!

Natural and luxury home cleaning is a huge opportunity for small brands to grow and make a HUGE impact in an open market. 

We’ve done some of the work for you, and found that many brands sell their home cleaning products in sets that include a candle, soap, or other accessory items to help make your home a sparkling-clean paradise!

It is important to note the size of each market comp, as you don’t want to compare a 4 ounce product to one double its size.

Luxury hand soaps are a more saturated market as well that we suggest looking at when it comes to determining the price point of your products. 

Check out these inspirational brands leading the market in eco-luxury home cleaning products: 


A few other brands we are looking to for inspiration, even though they do not currently offer home cleaning products are:

Based on the market research we have done, and the quality of the components being utilized, we suggest pricing the All-Purpose Home Cleaning Spray we detailed above between $29.95 and $39.95, depending on your branding and local market. 


tile & grout scrub

Works for tubs, showers, countertops, backsplashes, and more.

Try our go-to formula:

  • 5oz Cream Metal Tin(s) or any tin style and color of your choice!
    $2.80 per unit

  • 90% Baking Soda
    You will need 14 lbs total @ $0.59/lb. We used this, but any brand of baking soda will work.
    $8.26 / 50 units = $0.17 per unit

  • 9.5% Organic Flax Glycerin
    You will need approximately 24 ounces @ $13.95/lb.
    $20.93 / 50 units = $0.42 per unit

  • 0.5% Fragrance or Essential Oil Blend (we love this eco cleaning fragrance: Cotton Blossom + Tuberose)
    You will need 1.25 ounces @ $47.95/lb.
    $3.75 / 50 units = $0.07 per unit


Total cost to make 1 unit: $3.46

Check out our step-by-step blog here for simple directions to make this DIY natural home cleaning recipe.

how to price your products & market comps

Now you’re ready to price your products. Follow the same steps as outlined above for the All-Purpose Home Cleaning Spray and be sure to add in any labor and packaging costs.

When it comes to natural grout and tile cleaning products, saying the market is sparse would be an understatement.

The only readily available options are full of ingredients we honestly would not want in our homes.

Let’s just say, you wouldn’t be proudly displaying the packaging as a chic bathroom accessory. 

Most available grout cleaning products range from $10-$20 per unit.

We suggest pricing the product detailed above at $9.95 to $14.95 per unit, depending on your brand and local market.


why home care products?

There is a huge opportunity for makers to offer natural cleaning products, especially since it is an eco-conscious option that people love having access to in their home.

Making and selling homemade natural cleaning products is definitely on the rise and we hope you make your way into this industry through the endless creative home cleaning product opportunities.

Read more about the benefits of making eco cleaning products here - Rethink Clean: Set a Fresh New Standard In Home Cleaning Products

Don’t forget to tag us @makesy and show us how you make and clean better.

Happy making!

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