Repurposing Leftover Wax For  Melts & Tarts

Repurposing Leftover Wax For Melts & Tarts

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how to make wax melts

Burn testing candles is an important part of the candle making process, but what happens when a burn tested candle doesn’t burn quite as planned. What should you do when you have a bunch of leftover candle wax?

Fortunately, you don’t have to waste it! You can reuse your candle wax to create super cute and fun scented wax melts and tarts.

Wax melts and tarts are a wonderful alternative to scented candles because they create a wonderful home smell without the attention required when you have a lit flame. Plus, they offer lots of room for creativity so grab your candles filled with leftover wax and let’s get remaking!


before you get started

When using leftover wax, you’re going to need to remelt your wax. This is okay to do, just make sure you’re only remelting one type of wax at a time and not blending two different types of wax together.

Also, be aware of the fragrance oils you’re using - if you burn tested two different scents in two different candles, make sure to remelt those waxes separately, unless you want to try blending those two scents together. If that’s the case, you can remelt them together as long as they are blended in the same type of wax.

If you burn tested candles without any fragrance oils, you may want to add a step below where you add a few drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil. 


using leftover candle wax for melts

how to make wax melts & tarts

  1. Remove the wick from your vessel. You can use a spatula to help you break the pieces around the wick or soften the remaining wax.
  2. Once the wick is removed, break the wax into pieces with your spatula.
  3. Place all your wax pieces into a stove-safe pouring pitcher and using a hot water bath, melt your wax. This step might look different depending on your method of melting wax.
  4. Repurposed wax should be melted at lower temperatures. This means the melting time will be slower, but as a safety precaution, it’s recommended to avoid exceeding any flash point. At the same time, this will help preserve the fragrance throw and any additives such as dyes, glitter, or mica used in your wax.
  5. Once your wax is remelted, it’s time to get creative! Pour your wax into the molds of your choice and let them fully cure.
  6. After about 72 hours, your homemade wax melts and tarts are ready to use! Simply place them on a wax warmer and let them do their scent-sational thing! 


creative inspiration for your melts & tarts

We have a variety of molds and enhancers that you can use for creating your diy wax melts and tarts. Here are some of our favorite molds for making all different shapes and sizes.

Made Better Plastic Square Clamshells


Create scented wax cubes with our square shaped clamshell

Made Better Plastic Heart Clamshells


Our 6 cavity heart shape clamshell is made from recycled plastic.

Silicone Flower Mold


You'll get a variety of floral beauties with this 9 cavity flower shaped mold.

Silicone Succulent Mold


Almost too pretty to melt! We love this succulent shaped silicone mold.

heart shaped silicone mold


Be still our heart! Show your love with this silicone heart single cavity mold.

diamond shaped silicone mold


How fun are these diamond melts made with our silicone diamond 8 cavity mold?

flower shape mold


Made for the floral lover...silicone chrysanthemum single cavity mold.

star shape silicone mold


Stars, ovals, diamonds are all includes in this silicone multi shape 6 cavity mold.

teardrop shaped mold


You can't go wrong with a classic, silicone teardrop 2 cavity mold.


ornament shape silicone mold


There's nothing more festival for the holidays than this silicone ornate shape 4 cavity mold.


circle shape silicone mold


Create circles or rings with this 6 cavity mold, designed with holes for hang tags.


Looks like you’re all set to repurpose your wax! We can’t wait to see you make fun new products with your remelted wax.

Be sure to post photos of your repurposed creations and tag us @makesy so we can share them with other makers. Together, we can get creative with our products AND how we reduce waste in our wonderful environment.

Happy remaking!

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