Evaluating Fragrances Using Blotter Strips & Fragrance Notes

One of the most fun and creative aspects of making fragranced products is discovering the complexities of each unique fragrance oil.

Fragrance blotter strips are used to evaluate fragrances. If you are looking to choose which fragrance to use in a candle, diffuser, room spray, etc., you want to use fragrance blotter strips in order to smell your fragrance. Smelling a fragrance straight out of the bottle doesn't give you the top, middle, and base notes, which are super important in choosing a fragrance oil. 

To use the blotting strips, simply open the fragrance bottle, take one strip and dip it about 1/2 inch into the bottle and bend the strip to set on the table. Then, just wait about 20-30 seconds and then they can be smelled and evaluated. 

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