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Maker Spotlight: Shining Sol Candle Co.

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Makers make the world go ‘round. In this brief interview, learn all about the musical beginnings of Shining Sol Candle Co. out of Manassas, VA! 

rock musician turned candle maker

Owner and creator, Pete Evick has been a lifelong musician and entertainer.  In 2012, after a nine month long tour, he arrived home exhausted and burnt out. In an attempt to find some relaxation, Pete bought a candle that was supposed to smell like a wood burning fireplace. 

While the scent was good, it wasn’t quite right, or strong enough, and rather than give him that relaxation he was looking for, it gave him an idea.  Pete realized that he had never really had a hobby except for music, which had been part of his life since the age of five! 

Pete took up candle making, and in the quietude of making candles he found it a great departure from the loud life he has in the music world.   

Thoroughly enjoying his new hobby, Pete began to think about making it a business. He wanted to teach his kids entrepreneurship and the skills of how to run a business. And so, Shining Sol was born. In the beginning, Pete’s kids questioned, “Why is my rock ‘n’ roll dad making candles?” 

an honest candle making business

Shining Sol has been in business for five years and Pete believes the key to the success has been due to the honest approach and purity of ingredients, versus being all profit driven - karma baby, karma.

Pete also believes it’s his partners, Sara Rodriguez and Deron Blevins, as well as his customers, family and friends that all deserve credit for the success of Shining Sol. So, how do you balance a career and a candle business?

For most people who are starting out in the candle business, being able to do it full time is not usually an option. 

Most people need to rely on another full time job or career to not only pay their bills, but also finance their startup.  It can be an incredible challenge, one that requires sacrifice, long hours and patience. 

Pete splits his time 50/50. It isn’t uncommon to be making candles in the shop, and then on stage later the same day. His lives as a candle maker and musician are intertwined. Sometimes while on stage, he will get an idea for his next candle mid-performance. 

Like so many of you can relate to, while you can’t separate your career and your passion for candle making, you can strive for balance!   

why wooden wicks?

Pete had received a candle with a wooden wick as a gift long before Shining Sol was a reality and he loved the unique qualities of the wooden wick.  When he started Shining Sol, he knew without a doubt, that his candles would have wooden wicks. 

Pete likes that the wooden wicks are eco-friendly, natural, and so intriguing and different.  The crackle and horizontal shape of the flame are something his customers are captivated by in his brick and mortar store, where he always has a candle burning.

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